A Philosophy Café is not a lecture. No theoretical knowledge or study are required, just a set of ears and brains.

We start by choosing a (philosophical) question together and then have a moderated conversation to explore the question together. (For inspiration, take a look at some previous Philosophy Café’s or get some inspiration on our facebook-page or in the message on this website.)

A good conversation question is not too long or abstract. Keep it short and concrete, this facilitates the exploration. The goal is not to find answers but to refine the question, explore the topic, and practice the art of conversation. For inspiration, take a look at our archive or at questions thate were submitted but not selected for conversation.

We get together every first saturday of the month, from 2-5PM. The afternoon takes place in Hopsack, an authentic place where lots of musical and litterary activities take place. Join us and invite your friends!

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