Welcome to the Antwerp Philosophy Café!

Welcome to the Antwerp Philosophy Café. We get together every first saturday of the month to have a philosophical conversation.

You don’t need any background or degrees. A good set of ears and brain helps.

Important: Our events are in English and the goal is to have a conversation. It’s not a lecture.

Check out this page for more information, or take a look at some previous events.

If you want to join us, or you want to help, contact us!

Saturday June 6th: Online Philosophy Café

Because bars will reopen next monday at the earliest, our Philosophy Café for July 6th will be online again . We will start at 2pm at meet.jit.si/philosophycafe.

Please submit any questions you would like to discuss through this website, by e-mail or on facebook.

Test the website and your microphone/camera beforehand. Contact us if you need help!

Antwerp Philosophy Café ONLINE

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the lockdown, the Philosophy Café of April 4th will be held online. At 2PM we’ll meet at https://meet.jit.si/philosophycafe. You need a computer or tablet with (camera and) microphone. Download the app if you’re using a smartphone (https://meet.jit.si/). You’ll have to provide your own drinks this time…

PS: Don’t forget to send in your conversation questions! philosophycafe@protonmail.com

Call for questions: March 7th

For the next Philosophy Café, we are again collecting questions in advance so we can start the conversation quicker. You can send in philosophical questions you would like to explore together here (click on “leave a comment”), on Facebook or through e-mail (philosophycafe@protonmail.com).

Very important: we will start at 2PM sharp! If you come later, you won’t have a say in the topic we discuss. 😛

Some tips for a good philosophical question:

  • Make it short. Long questions will require more extra questions before we can get to the point.
  • Make it tangible. A concrete situation tickles the imagination more than abstract words like “God”, “freedom” or “self”.
  • Make it open. A question that requires research is a scientific question. It’s difficult to philosophize about facts or things we don’t know.
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